Term Dates & Timings

School Times

The typical school day starts from 8:45am and finishes at 3.15pm, this includes break times. This totals to the school being open 32.5 hours a week. 

Drop off:

The gate opens at 8.30am and will close at 8.45am. Should you arrive after this time and the gate is locked, you will need to bring your child/ren to the main office.

Pick Up:

The end of the school day is 3.15pm however, the gate will be open from 3.10pm. If you think you will be late collecting your child/ren, please call the school office.


Autumn Term 2023
Professional Day 1 (No Children) Friday 1st September
Start of Autumn Term Monday 4th September
Half Term 23rd- 27th October
Professional Day 2 & 3 (No Children) Monday 30th - Tuesday 31st October
Last day of Autumn Term

Wednesday 20th December

Spring Term 2024
Professional Day 4 (No Children) Thursday 4th January
Start of Spring Term Friday 5th January
Half Term 19th- 23rd February
Last day of Spring Term

Thursday 28th March

Summer Term 2024
Start of Summer Term Monday 15th April
Bank Holiday (no school) Monday 6th May
Professional Day 5 (No Children) Friday 24th May
Half Term 27th May- 31st May
Last day of Summer Term

Friday 19th July


Autumn Term 2024
Professional Day 1 (No Children) Tuesday 3rd September
Start of Autumn Term Wednesday 4th September
Half Term 28th October - 1st November
Professional Day 2 (No Children) Monday 4th November
Last day of Autumn Term Friday 20th December


Spring Term 2025

Start of Spring Term Monday 6th January
Half Term 17th February - 21st February
Professional Day 3 (No Children) Monday 24th February
Last day of Spring Term Friday 4th April


Summer Term 2025

Easter Monday (Bank Holiday) Monday 21st April
Start of Summer Term Tuesday 22nd April
Early May Bank Holiday Monday 5th May
Half Term 26th May - 30th May
Professional Day 4 (No Children) Monday 2nd June
Professional Day 5 (No Children) Tuesday 3rd June
Last day of Summer Term Wednesday 23rd July