“Fluency in the English Language is an essential foundation for success in all subjects.” (DfE, 2014).

At Hampton Vale we believe that Oracy is the basis in which children can develop a holistic and wholesome education that is purposeful throughout their lifetime. We aspire to develop fluent, confident and clear speakers of standard English, who can communicate effectively through a wide range of vocabulary and expression. Over time, our Oracy curriculum will equip children with evaluation, reasoning and negotiation skills, in addition to using a wide range of vocabulary within their speech and written work to deepen their understanding of spoken language and express effectively to convey meaning. Our approach will provide children with the stepping stones that they need to flourish within their schooling career, equipping them with the requisites needed to access employment and to be able to build and sustain strong social relationships within their adult life.

Our Oracy curriculum is based on three key principles that are essential in order for our children to develop into clear and confident individuals. These principles are holistic engagement, fluency and reasoning. The curriculum is built upon these principles so that all children can be fully immersed in discussion, become fluent speakers and be able to articulate their ideas through reasoning. Interwoven within these key principles are four strands that, based on research and experience, are essential components to develop an all rounded, confident individual. These principles are physical, linguistic, cognitive and social and emotional development.